The Kirby Shrine

I kinda know my HTML, trying to figure out CSS

I hope this webpage becomes something someday. I really wanna make it look all cool and stuff.

Every night I pray that the duct tape and glue that holds this site together doesn't fall apart.

Discord is BerryBaby#7181 Friend and DM me anytime!

Site Updates n Stuff

5/21/23 - The "Art" page has been finished! (Although more will be added to it in the future) hope you enjoy!

4/15/23 - Made a new title!

4/1/23 - Working on an "Art" page, as well as giving more pizazz to the the title.

2/11/23 - A new story has been added to the writing page! Whatever Works! has now been posted!

12/31/22 - Added buttons, Some are clickable!

12/21/22 - Added a lil hit counter.

11/15/22 - At last! The Kirby Shrine is complete! Kirby's been a huge part of my life so it's a bit of a read. There were a few bumps along the way but it's done! This also isn't the big project I mentioned earlier, when that releases I'll tell y'all. Til next time folks!

11/14/22 - Removed Photos temporarily due to it kinda breaking

11/6/22 - Oh boy oh boy the nav has broken itself once again!

10/8/22 - A "Kirby Shrine" page is being worked on.

9/24/22 - Oh cool 5k views. I don't think that's a lot, but I'm glad that 5,000 people wanted to see my little website, even if they just looked around for a few seconds. I haven't been updating as much because I'm working on another project/story, I won't really say anything about it due to it being in development and all of that. I hope you all have a good day and know I will always be active on this site for it is my personal one.

8/8/2022 - The writing page is done, along with its first story: ID#13329

7/8/22 - Added the guestbook, as well as changed to nav icons.

6/9/22 - The writing page is in the process of being created.

5/21/22 - The about page is finally a thing. Sorry it took so long, procrastination and irl stuff got the best of me. Not 100% on what I'll work on next with this site. I'll admit that the about page should've came waaay earlier than it did.

4/17/22 - I have no clue what is wrong with the nav. It seems to appear for other people but not for me. So bizarre and I'm so tired of dealing with it.

3/14/22 - At long last! The "Photos" page is done! I mostly had some issues positioning, converting and real life stuff. Sorry it took so long! I think an "About" page might be next.

2/26/22 - Currently trying to figure out how to position stuff because I'm bad at programming. I might have to recode this entire page I dunno.

2/19/22 - Still workin on that "Photos" page. Really the only problem is getting everything to load.

2/8/22 - Added music and this thing scrolls now wow!

2/6/22 - Added a lil gif, a favicon and a background. Currently working on the "Photos" page

2/1/22 - Site updates section is added along with some funky pink borders.

1/23/22 - Site is created.

Free Website Hit Counter
Free website hit counter

Shoutouts to these websites for the various things listed under their "materials" pages. Also shoutouts to gifcities for their various gifs from around the web.