This page is dedicated to some of the art I've made, sorted by character. I will be honest, I don't really consider myself an artist and as you can probably tell my art isn't the greatest. I never learned how to hold a pencil properly. But even though my art may not that good, I'm proud of it, and it is mine. Hope you enjoy it too!


Hoss Demurvate

Hoss, larger scale.
Hoss, confused.
Hoss being injured.
Hoss facing somewhat east, no idea what I'd use this for.
Hoss, smaller scale.
Hoss being injured, smaller scale.
Hoss being confused, smaller scale.

Other Characters

Monzo Ponenzo
Mauser (currently scrapped)
Maroon (currently scrapped)


Silver Revolver
Double Barrel Derringer
"Latsen" Model Revolver

Weird MSPaint-esque Comics

A conversation between Hoss and Monzo.