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The Interval Disappearances

With the turn of the millenia comes new mysteries. With one of our most accomplished detectives, Dmitri, recently retiring, it’s safe to say that a new era of the agency has started.

Members of the Pommim Island Group have contacted us. While we are no strangers to their group (see ID#11736, ID#7282 and ID#2091) it has been much literally a lifetime since we have worked together.

Table of Contents

I. Context of the Case

“The Interval Disappearances” is a phenomenon of several disappearances and deaths occurring in three year intervals. The beginning of this phenomenon is unknown but it has been estimated to have started at some point during the 9th century. This phenomenon has been covered several times by our agency (see ID#54 and ID#6431) we were notified of a plethora of new info by the Pimmom Island residents as well as several archaeological and historical societies.

II. Call from Pommim

On February 2nd, 2000 A.A the agency got a call from a man by the name of Uliair from Pommim Island. He had claimed to be an ambassador of the island, saying that they had info that would “possibly be useful” and told us they had also contacted several historical and archaeological societies to come with us.

I and Detective Wallace “Wally” Jace had been assigned to go to the island. It was there we were greeted by Ulinar, who introduced us to our new companions, who are as follows:

We were escorted to the “cathedral” of the island, in which several Pommim residents resided. It was there Uliair informed us that the disappearances may have had connections with interdimensional entities. As a result of the ARK’s rampage on this world almost exactly 2000 years ago, some barriers of the dimensional walls have been torn, allowing for various beings to travel in between their world and ours. Some of these entities are actually residents of Pommim themselves, with the shared goal of locating and sealing some of these tears, as well as attempt to rid/escort of entities whose presence in our dimension may be directly or indirectly be harmful to our own planet.

Ulinair then presented us with a couple of locations and a list of names where people went missing and claimed that several interdimensional members recognized some of the disappearances were similar to those happening in their home dimension. While none of the names on the list were able to be tracked, the locations absolutely were. The Agency, Pommim and and an old friend, Winston helped us get the materials we needed for the travel.

III. Investigation of the Shahmoah Tribe

The first location on the list was a settlement of a long defunct tribe that was believed to have originated at some point during the 6th century. The only part of the settlement that was immediately visible were several decomposed wooden poles on the ground. Gerald and Lia got digging.

Miscellaneous materials from shelters, cookware and weapons were found, but the most notable find was fragments of a stone tablet which seemed to be encoded. Conveniently, Yifla knew the encoded message, the code itself was surprisingly modern, which raised suspicions of the age of the tablet.

The tablet itself spoke of the death of an individual named “Palaka” who was found without any blood in his body. It also mentioned strange figures in the distance at night. Noted was the location of burial mounds where Palaka was supposedly buried.

This means we would have to defile historical grounds.

This was a fairly controversal decision in which we contacted the agency for permission if we could do this. Licar was very insistent that we do, Yilfa stayed silent. After a few days of waiting, we got permission to dig it up.

Inside each burial mound was a small chamber held up by stones, as well as coffins in the center of the room, slightly raised by other stones. Luckily for us, the coffins had names labeled, albeit worn out. As promised, Palaka’s grave was one of them. While there was no body inside, there were traces that proved a body was indeed there at some point. Items inside the grave included the remains of a bow, several metal trinkets of unknown value, and a poem inscribed on stone. The poem read as follows:

While the poem is still be interpreted as of writing, Licar said that the “crying lights” in the poem matched the description of an old document Pommim had in their archives, although he was unsure as to what document it was. We had decided we saw everything that was worthwhile here, and moved on to our next location.

Footnote - Tablet Time Discrepancies

As mentioned earlier, the tablet we found was in a code that didn’t correlate with the age of the settlement. The code itself was “clock code” in which rotations of a hand on a circle determined letters. The earliest form of this code was documented to be made at some point during the 13th century, while the settlement dates back to the 10th. Given how the tribe was nomadic in nature, it sparks doubt that the tribe would settle in one place for 300 years, and even if they did, it would be very unlikely that someone would pass down an obscure code to them. As for Palaka’s coffin, all items within it was found to be made in or before the 10th century.

IV. The House on the Countryside

The next location was a decrepit old house in the countryside. Oddly, the house wasn’t accompanied by any farms our other structures, which was common for the area.

We had entered, there wasn’t anything immediately out of place for a house in this condition, although further searching through drawers cupboards and other old furniture proved otherwise. We had found a list of crossed out names, as well as a CD labeled “KEEP” with what seemed to be paint, an unusual choice for marking a CD.

While some of the names on the list couldn’t be identified, several names were traced back to disappearances and deaths dating from as far back as the 1820s to as recent as the 1980s. All of the deaths and disappearances were unusual in manner, and all of the disappearances were labeled as being unsolved and eventually became cold cases over the years. It has been suggested to reopen the cases of the disappearances that appear on this list.

“KEEP” was a disc containing a 3D environment of a castle keep, while the environment itself had nothing of interest, the source code of the environment did.

Code included correlated with certain locations of the keep. The code is as follows:

This source code was particularly interesting to us. For one the ARK is mentioned. It has been considered that the description of the 2nd floor was not written by whoever authored the rest of the descriptions, due to its more abstract nature. Regarding the mention of the ARK, there have been many theories as to why the ARK destroyed the old planet millenia ago, ranging from sensible to outlandish. While we could dismiss this person as a somewhat unhinged theorizer, the fact that they seemingly knew of the Interval Disappearences is significant.

While the Interval Disappearences on their own is somewhat of an obscure concept, what is even more obscure is the names of those who disappeared who might be connected to it, as the information was never publicized. How this individual could’ve not only found the names of those who disappeared, but also managed to surmise that they could be connected is unknown. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything about the person who could’ve resided in the house where the disc was found.

V. Conclusion

With those being the only locations we had, ee decided to wrap it up and head back to Pommim, where a few more agency members were also awaiting. Reviewing the evidence, we seem to have been given way more questions than answers in this matter. The strange mentions of the ARK as well as the cryptic information found in the ruins of the Shahmoah settlement. This case is closed for now, however it will most likely be reopened under a new ID if more evidence is found. We hope any of this info was of use to the agency.

-Zavall Hower


To Avil Brackley,

When you have the time, please review the archives for ARK-related cases and see if you can get in contact with Pommim regarding "crying lights". Also please contact the historians over at Veggelson about the tablet finding and ask them to get in contact with us directly. Either clock code is older than we thought, or someone else wrote that thing. Handwriting analysis will be useless due to age, but any info would help. Also ask of the location of nearby three story keeps. If you find any, please contact us before engaging with it. We can contact military and magicka if needs be.

With many thanks,

Jason Jenns