I think my dream in life would be to create a game that never truly “ends”. Sure it has an ending, but there’s so many secrets, little mysterious and tiny details that it would be nigh-impossible to truly find everything. I want people to find new things even decades after release. I love weird cryptic things in video games, I haven’t seen too many games specifically capitalizing off that sort of feeling, like some sort of playground rumor that’s actually real.

Of course, I’d still want the game to be fun as a game, not just an esoteric easter egg hunt, but those that are observant would be rewarded. I don’t want it to feel like a jigsaw puzzle but more so of a rabbit hole with different layers to it. There will always be another mystery to be solved.
I’d like to make a game similar to Yume Nikki but with more linearity and story. When I put it that way it seems strange as Yume Nikki is all about open-ended exploration. The only example of a Yume Nikki esque game with linearity and story is Omori. But Omori is a bit too linear in my opinion, and the story is very clear by the time you reach the end of it. I want something in between those two, not like completely open-world or anything but sort of like a series of levels that have a clear exit point but also have a lot of stuff inside of them. Not just side quests but like a bunch of little things that kinda just exist. I think it would be neat.